Audio Interfaces

Plug-in a microphone, guitar and other instruments and audio gear to your computer for recording. Connect via USB.

  1. Behringer - Behringer provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories pushing boundaries to design and create quality and affordable products for modern musicians.

    Behringer Audio Interfaces

  2. Focusrite - Focusrite is a global music and audio products group supplying hardware and software used by professional and amateur musicians, which enables the high quality production of music.

    Focusrite Audio Interfaces

  3. Roland - Professional audio equipment based on Roland’s original technology for high quality digital audio transfer, computer music-related hardware and USB audio interfaces for today’s music creators.

    Roland Audio Interfaces

  4. Tascam - Tascam is devoted to constantly creating new & versatile products including computer recording solutions for musicians that offer hi-fi playback for current and future technologies.

    Tascam Audio Interfaces

  5. Universal Audio - Universal Audio pioneering audio recording for over 50 years, UA has been synonymous with innovative recording products since its inception. Apollo audio interfaces merge analog heritage and groundbreaking digital designs.

    Apollo Audio Interfaces

  6. Audio Assemble – A comprehensive music website created to assist musicians and producers offering guidance and recommendations for Portable Audio Interfaces and other DAW accessories.

    Best Portable Audio Interfaces

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