MIDI Keyboards

Record and play virtual instruments using a piano-style keyboard controller. Connect via USB.

  1. Akai - Akai Professional entered the electronic music industry in 1984 with one purpose - to give artists tools to express and explore new musical possibilities

    Akai MIDI Keyboards

  2. Alesis - Alesis pushes the boundaries to deliver quality and affordable products leaving no stone unturned to create modern products that are designed by modern musicians.

    Alesis MIDI Keyboards

  3. M-Audio - M-Audio is one of the most revered names in music computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and essential musical hardware.

    M-Audio MIDI Keyboards

  4. Nektar - Since Nektar Technology, Inc. was founded in 2009, they have been passionate about their mission to bridge the gap between powerful music software and controller hardware.

    Nektar MIDI Keyboards

  5. Novation - 20 years of quality sound heritage and well established in the music making industry, the Novation brand allows musicians to make electronic music using synths and computer-enabled technology.

    Novation MIDI Keyboards

  6. Audio Assemble - A comprehensive music website created to assist musicians and producers offering guidance and recommendations for MIDI Keyboards and other DAW accessories.

    Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers

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