Mixcraft Music Recording Software

Musicians live and breathe music. They think about it day and night. That all-encompassing drive to craft new music, to shape it, to pull new melodies from your head and lay them down is like a burning fever. And when inspiration strikes, the last thing you want is for technology to get in the way. There are now four flavors of Mixcraft music recording software, each designed to meet a specific need. Whether you’re just testing the waters or you’re looking to produce and master an entire album from start to finish, there’s a Mixcraft package that will perfectly fit your needs.

Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6

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Mixcraft 6 Pro Studio

Pro Studio 6

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Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio

Mixcraft 6
Vocal Studio

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  • Mixcraft 6
    Home Studio
  • Mixcraft 6
  • Mixcraft 6
    Pro Studio
  • Mixcraft 6
    Vocal Studio
Loops/SFX 2000+ 6500+ 6500+ 6500+
Rewire Hosting

Clip Automation

Volume, Pan, Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters

MP3 Mixdown
MIDI/Audio FX Routing
Sound FX Tones
Edit and Print Notation
Minimogue VA
Acoustica Instruments
Acoustica Studio Drums
Lounge Lizard Electric Piano
Combo Organ Model V
Memorymoon Vintage Analog Synthesizer
Acoustica Compressor
Acoustica Distortion
Acoustica Flanger
Classic Auto-Filter
Classic Compressor
Classic EQ
Classic Master Limiter
Classic Reverb
Voxengo Spectrum Analyzer
GTune Guitar Tuner
Pultronic Tube EQ
Broadcast Multiband Compressor
Acoustica 31 Band EQ
Dubmaster Liquid Delay
Ferox Tape Emulator
GSXL4070 Vintage Parametric EQ
Mid-Side Envelope Follower+
Mid-Side Stereophase Filter+
TB Parametric Equalizer
Twisthead VS-206 Preamp
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Software Installation DVD
MVS Condenser Microphone
USB Cable