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Beat Making Software

Looking for the perfect beat? Got 300 bars to lay down? It all starts with the rhythm. Whether you're a beatmaker, a singer, a spoken word artist or an MC, putting it down on the track is the easy part with Mixcraft. Other programs have unnecessary levels of complication and fidgety controls, but Mixcraft will get you from breakbeat to mixtape faster and easier. Today's producers are looking for a way to get their sound down in minutes, without the manual or expensive production schools. Focus on the track, not the tool.

Why Mixcraft?

Mixcraft supports the latest in music production hardware. Use button controllers, your midi keyboard or your typing keyboard to make a beat like your favorite MPC hero. Layer sounds together to make something really unique. Craft your own beat in seconds with the Omni Sampler and and our library of hundreds of drum and percussion samples, including 808 and 909 drum kits. You can also record your own samples or cut loops from vinyl or audio files and chop and warp them with our top of the line warp engine until the beat sizzles.

Music Editing Software Built For Musicians

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1100 MVP Loops Available - FREE!

Download an additional 1,100 loops and samples in 45 styles from MVP Loops. Mix and match styles from Code Platinum, Hook City, Hotlanta, Mogul, Polo Reigns, RnB On Fleek, Sound Gang, Sound Platoon, Trap Clique and Urban Vault. You can use the drum kits straight or chop them up to get the blend.

MVP loops require Mixcraft 7 or Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 or greater. Simply create an account with us and the instructions will be emailed to you. MVP loops are free and do not require you to enter any payment information.

Get the MVP Loops now.