Plugins and Supplements

These plugins and supplements may be necessary for the operation of certain features or support for various codecs.

Microsoft WMA Format 9 Support If you want to be able to read or write WMA files, you'll need this. (You probably don't need it if you have Windows XP.)
Real Audio encoding for MP3 Audio Mixer Allows you to encode or create .ra files for MP3 Audio Mixer.
Real Audio encoding for Mixcraft 2 Allows you to encode or create .ra files for Mixcraft.
WMA patch for Acoustica products IMPORTANT: If you have a brand new install of WinXP SP2, you may need to run this additional patch program wma-sp2-fix.exe in order to use WMA properly with Acoustica software.
VST & DirectX Plug Ins For the new version of Mixcraft 2.0 and a new release of Beatcraft, we have added support for VST and DirectX plug ins. Assuming you have a beta version, you can add vocal removers, limiters, phasers, vocoders, new reverbs, amp simulators and MUCH more!