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Record Music

  Record your guitarist, mix in your voice or record your band. Create top-quality sounds, loop generation tools, and audio effects to create custom loops, without ever using a drum set!
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Record a Podcast

  Get your message out, record a podcast!
LP or Cassette to CD or MP3 Icon

LP or Cassette to MP3 or CD

  Transfer your records and cassettes to CD or MP3.
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CD Burning and Labeling

  Burn your music or MP3's to all major audio files, and rip a new CD! Create stunning CD jewel cases, labels, and DVD boxes.
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DJ Software

  Remix or mashup a song, create beats, and beatmatch!
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Back Up Photos

  Back up your digital photo files from your hard drive
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Audio Utilities

  Create high quality music file conversions, and mix music.
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  Take advantage of special pricing for schools.