Getting Started / Overview

Normally, you'd have to use several programs to record, split the recording into multiple tracks, remove noise and crackles, create audio files and/or burn a CD.  In addition, you'd probably end up using two or three times the hard drive space.  Spin It Again streamlines this very specific task of archiving your LPs and cassettes so that you do less work and can spend more time enjoying your music.

Spin It Again helps you:
  • Hookup your record player or cassette player to your computer
  • Set the optimal recording level so you don't record too low or with distortion
  • Make a recording
  • Automatically split up the recording into multiple tracks
  • Reduce tape noise or LP clicks and pops
  • Tag or name each track, including artist and album information
  • Create audio files for use on your computer or portable MP3 player
  • Burn audio CDs

    How To Record An LP or Tape To CD
    Record An LP/Tape To Audio Files
    Split An MP3 Into Tracks
    Manually Creating Tracks
    Reduce Clicks And Pops From A Record
    Reduce Tape Noise Hiss or Hum