Getting A Good Recording Level

Click the "Level Wizard..." button to launch the Level Wizard.

The Recording Level Wizard helps you get the best recordings.

Step 1: Choose the right sound card and source
If you have more than one sound device, make sure to choose the one that your record player or cassette player is plugged into.  The software will automatically attempt to choose the "Line In" or equivalent.  However, all sound devices are different and you may need to manually select the correct source.  (If it's a USB device, make sure that it is connected.)

Step 3: Check "Monitor" if necessary
If you have a USB sound device and you'd like to be able to hear the recording through your speakers, click the "Monitor" checkbox.

Step 3: Start the Wizard
Click "Start".  Make sure to play back the loudest part of the loudest song.  It will automatically lower the recording level until it is optimal.  In addition, it may have you turn down the input level from the tape or record player.

(IMPORTANT: You may have to lower the volume on your stereo amp if the signal is coming in too loud.  Spin It Again will some times be able to detect distortion, but not always.)

Get A Strong Recording Level
Later on, after your recording is done, make sure you don't have a weak recording.  If your recording looks like a weak recording, you may still need to adjust a volume or input to get a stronger recording level.

Example of a weak recording level:

Example of a strong and desired recording level: