Recording 78s at 45 rpm

Most record players play at 33 or 45 rpm.  If you have some non standard records that play at 78 or 16.7 rpm, you can still record them at the closest speed and then adjust the rate later.

1) Set your record to 45 rpm and place your 78 rpm record on the player.
2) Record both sides of the album.
3) On the "Preview And Edit Your Recording" page, go to the botton and look at the "Recording Speed Adjustment" drop down control.
4) Choose "78 recorded at 45 rpm"
5) Note that the "Playback Rate" is now 173.9%

Of course, you can do the same with 16.7 speed records. And, if you have recorded some other non stardard rate, you can calculate and manually set a new playback rate with the following equation:

Playback Rate = (Actual Speed of Audio / Recorded Speed Of Audio) * 100