Hardware Hookup Wizard

The Hardware Hookup Wizard guides you through the sometimes complicated process of hooking up your record or cassette player to your computer's sound card.

Click the "Hookup Wizard" button to start it.  (You can find this button on the first screen or on the recording screen.)

The wizard may recommend some additional equipment:
  • A cable to connect the tape or record player to your computer's sound device.

  • A preamplifier for LP recordings.

  • A new record or tape player

    More tips on hooking up your record player or cassette deck to your sound card.
    You may need to purchase the right kind of cable from an electronics or audio store such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, The Good Guys, etc.  Support your local "Mom & Pop" family audio/electronics store, if possible!  The cables usually cost less than $5.

    Visit our accessories and equipment page for helpful links: http://www.acoustica.com/spinitagain/buyequip.htm