Recording Level Wizard

Click the "Level Wizard..." button to launch the Level Wizard.

The Recording Level Wizard helps you get the best recordings.

Sound card or USB sound device
If you have more than one sound card or USB sound device, choose the sound card that you'd like to record from.  Make sure that your record or tape player is connected to the line in of the selected sound card.

Your sound card has multiple inputs, such as Microphone, Wave, Line In, CD, Auxiliary and others.  If you are recording from the Line-In, make sure to choose a source that has "Line-In" in it's name.  If you aren't sure, play back some music on your cassette or record player and change the input until you see the levels in the Level control.

This shows the signal from the left and right channel inputs based on the selected Source and Sound card.

This is the recording level.  It is automatically adjusted when you run the wizard.  You can also adjust it manually.  This will control how strong the signal is recorded.  If it is strong, you may record distortion, depending on your setup.

Open Mixer...
This button launches the Window's sound mixer which will let you adjust the playback and recording levels of all controls on your sound card.  On some computers and sound cards, this may not do anything.

This button starts the Recording Level Adjustment Wizard and will help you set the optimal recording level.  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Voice On/Off
This turns the voice assistant on or off.

Get A Strong Recording Level
Later on, after your recording is done, make sure you don't have a weak recording.  If your recording looks like a weak recording, you may still need to adjust a volume or input to get a stronger recording level.

Example of a weak recording level:

Example of a strong and desired recording level: