Choose Tape, LP or Existing File Screen

On the first screen of Spin It Again, you can choose to record an LP, tape or load an existing audio file.

Record A Vinyl LP *
Choose this option to record a 16's, 33's, 45's or 78's. 

Record A Cassette Tape *
Choose this option to record cassette tapes, reel to reel or 8-tracks.  

Load A Sound File
Choose this option to load and edit an existing MP3, WAV, OGG or WMA file that is already on your computer.

Hookup Wizard...
Click this for help on connecting your record or cassette player to your computer.  More...

Voice On/Off
Turns the voice assistant on or off.

Brings up the settings and advanced preferences.

* Note: You can use the software to record from Microphone, MIDI, Wave, Auxiliary or whatever you'd like.  Just choose either one of the recording buttons to record from a source other than LP or tape.