Burn A CD And Or Create Audio Files Screen

On this screen, you have the option of burning an audio CD and / or creating audio files.

Burn CD & Create Audio Files Button
Choose this if you want to burn a CD and create audio files.

Burn Audio CD
Choose this if you just want to burn an Audio CD.

Create Audio Files
Choose this if you just want to create audio files.

Make A New Recording
Choose this if you want to start over.

Save Recording...
Normally, all your recordings go into your recording folder.  When you quit the software, it will ask you if you want to delete it.  If you don't delete it, you can load it again.  The "Save Recording" feature lets you save the raw, original recording to work on later.  It will save a .WAV file and a .SIA file.  The .SIA file contains the track information, times and names.  The .WAV file will be the original recording without any effects or processing.

Print A CD Label...
Choose this to print a CD label or jewel case cover for this CD.  The track information will be sent to the optional Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker.

TIP: The "Next Operation" is shown below the buttons and if you always burn a CD, you can simply click "Next >>"