It doesn't recognize my CD recorder

1. We update our supported CD and DVD recorders several times a year.  Please check to make sure that you have the latest version.

2. If you just installed the software and you have WinME, Win98, Win98SE or Win95, you'll need to restart your computer before some drivers are working properly.  Make sure to restart, in this case.

3. Try turning on IMAPI in the Miscellaneous section of the Settings.  You will have to restart the software. (This requires Windows XP)

4. Try using the Goldenhawk override which will cause Spin It Again to use a generic CD or DVD burner driver template for your CD or DVD burner.  To do this, click "Settings", followed by clicking "Miscellaneous".  Click "Goldenhawk Drive Override..."  Select the CD or DVD drive that you are interested in and then click the "Use A Generic CD Writer Driver" radio button.  Click "OK" and then quit and restart Spin It Again.  

5. Alternatively, you can render out the tracks as audio files (MP3*, WAV, OGG or WMA) and then load them into another burning program to burn as audio CDs.  While this isn't the most desirable way to do it, it is an option.

* Creating MP3s is not available in some bundled versions of Spin It Again