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Recording Settings

Level Wizard...
This runs the Recording Level Wizard.

Recording Folder: 
This is where your recordings will be stored.  You can change the folder by clicking "Choose..." or by typing in a new folder in the edit box.

Always Ask Before Automatically Detecting Tracks
If checked, the software will ask you if you want to automatically detect tracks based on the settings below.

Use Album Information To Improve Track Detection
If checked, the software will use the album information typed in or looked up online to improve recognition of tracks.  For example, if you have a live or concert recording, it is sometimes difficult to tell where one song ends and the next ends based on silence.  This option assumes that the times that you type in are correct.

Automatically Detect Tracks
If checked, the software will automatically split up the recording into multiple tracks.  It will use the following parameters.

Consider It A Track When
The following parameters will help determine if audio is silence, garbage or a track.

The volume is greater than X %  - (Music Threshold)
If the volume is greater than X %, we consider it signal/music and not record or tape noise.  Since recordings are not perfectly silent, this is a threshold that can be used to help separate noise from music.  (The default is 10%)

It is longer than X minute(s)
If the software detects music signal and not noise (see above) for X minutes, it will consider it a track.  This helps eliminate false tracks such as record scratches, tape clicks and so on.   (The default is 1/2 minute or 0.50 minutes.)

It is separated by at least X seconds of 'silence'
Music will sometimes have silence in it and if the software considered every silent area it found a new track, it would end up with a lot of false positive tracks.  Usually, tracks will be separated with at least two seconds of silence.  (The default is 1.75 seconds.)   Note that this will consider silence to be anything under the music threshold % above.